The Many (secret) Smiles of Lee Gun….

because we all know this boy is FAALLINNN in LOoOVvEe~
Hehe ^^


☆ Actors Kim Dongwan & Park Junjin mini playlist ☆

ChenXinYi: You treat me too well. Stop being nice to be would you?;

*CunXi pulls XinYi into a kiss and slowly pull back*

JiCunXi: What exactly do you want me to do then?! Do you want me to treat you badly?! I’m sorry, but i can’t do it!

"Ya! Sajangnim!"

Secretary Tak to Lee Gun

Prime Minister& I:

Ep 5: Shiyoon cut on finger= bandage on hand

Dislike:he’s made her cry twice already and she likes him, yet hes yet to show anything…why does he get to make her cry?



how can he be so wonderful? I missed him so.

when haru decides she wants to record a song


we should all strive to be as body positive as moominpappa

y yes, yes it is.

yes, yes it is.